² 4XR 9DGLV” $& New GL Migration 7KLV LV $& FRXUVH YHUV FROO Duration: 3 days Content: Migration scenarios 1 – 3 Certification option: No QG KDOI. Migrating to the New SAP General Ledger. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and .. SAP General Ledger Migration Cockpit. New ( flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, •ACenables project members and consultants to perform a migration project from classic to the new General Ledger Accounting. Therefore the.

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Migration to the New General Ledger | | Learn Valley

This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non- infringement. The company alone is responsible for the accuracy of the total balance. The results of the checks are summarized in a Service Report and transmitted.

Final Accounts – Midlands State University. This is particularly useful, for instance, for production migration in migration phase 1. If you were to choose this alternative, immediately after the posting in real time the system would create a periodic transaction individually in an individual document.

Migration to the New | Anil Kangotra –

Migration to the new general ledger is not permitted. The ned session for the scenario validation does not have to be completed beforehand — Therefore: The structure of the financial statement versions is then not as stringent as when you record the postings separately. In this case, the FC valuation documents would be posted without any problems and of course without a session … Note: The sample implementation in AC reads the OI and determines whether the account assignments for characteristics business area or profit center are unique.


The information in this document is proprietary to SAP. Document splitting is activated and has the segment characteristic defined as a required entry field.

Migration to the New General Ledger

However, SAP recommends that you consult an experienced, possibly certified see above consultant for implementing your migration project. The warning alone is sufficient to be able to leave the setup phase of the Migration Cockpit. The first day of the course usually ends here.

The test migration s in phase 0 can uncover errors that may then alleviate problems later in phase 1. When all the mandatory activities have been performed see next slide you can simply start the first activity for the next phase. To understand the migration of documents in phase 1 better, we will take a closer look at a few documents.

This would mean that a meaningful evaluation of the log is no longer possible, and the actual goal of the validation would of course not reached.

In the approach described, it is not yet possible to create a profit and loss statement after cost of sales accounting using the delivered standard functionality in migration phase 1. Basically, the best way to avoid having missing account assignments in phase 1 documents is, of course, to maintain the master data environment at the right time phase 0.

migration from classic to new G/L

Size of database or document volumes, And of migrationn the migration scenario to be selected: You can then deactivate your package in the Migration Server Overview. Alternative Business Transaction Assignment … 3. He has to make sure – in cooperation with his consultants – that the implementation works from a conceptual and functional point of view and is supported by SAP.

The cash discount revenue account in this example is not defined as a cost element in CO, and a default profit center has not been stored in transaction 3KEH.


After an agreement between you and SAP about the migration scenario to be used, you conclude a contract about the SAP General Ledger Migration service for the chosen migration scenario. Support for the project by the customer — for example: SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document. Warning messages and log 3.

If you wish, you can create a migration ledgrr for each individual company code. The program can also started live. SAP AG You must activate document splitting to ensure comprehensive splitting of the Segment characteristic, for example. Once this has happened, a package cannot be deleted anymore. The validation of document splitting is active validation level: The delta valuation area genearl often required for retirement postings – whenever different depreciation amounts have been calculated for local and internal rules during the utilization phase.

Group Provisions Expense 3, SAP AG You cannot make additional changes to the long text of the migration plan or of the package description from within the Migration Cockpit.

The variant is used by company code AA CF only for account You can also activate real-time integration for all of these characteristics at once. Yellow traffic lights appear when the account is controlled in a way that is different than the one SAP proposes. The following documents are used in AC as examples: The local asset acquisition clearing account is also cleared in this ledger with the “shared” AA acquisition clearing account account All other accounts the relevant “parallel account block” and the shared accounts are then transferred to the selected target ledger.

Sheet Prep Valuation expense: