Rak was one of four men who claimed aliens abducted them while canoeing on Big Eagle Lake in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. (Photo. In August of , twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, along with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, headed to the Allagash in. The Allagash abductions is one of those UFO stories that stand out from all the others. It is considered one the top UFO stories in the United.

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Full audio interview with Jim Weiner.

Allavash they regressed by the same person? Hypnosis provides the only proof that this whole thing occurred, and it is the least reliable method most prone to providing errant results, ever conceived by man. The wilderness covers thousands of acres in the northernmost part of Maine. However, when they returned to the campsite, the fire had burned down much faster than they thought it should have given the amount of time they thought they had spent out on the water.

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It is highly unusual to find four men who are all artistically gifted, who are fishing buddies and who all shared the same out of this world experience together! Charlie tried to signal “S. One night they experienced an incredible encounter with a UFO. Constantino agreed to hypnotize the four men, aolagash in separate 3-hour sessions they all told the same story: Jack remembered that the aliens had terrifying faces.

In a interview, Chuck Rak admitted that the abduction part of the story was made up, and that he went along with the narrative for financial gain, however, abduction does admit to seeing a series of strange lights over a period of a couple days during abductionz camping trip.

Allagash is a town in Aroostook County in Northern Maine, with surrounding woodlands well-traveled by hunters, hikers, and campers. On the way out, they asked a park ranger about the lights; he replied that they were searchlights. However, skeptics, such as Dr.


Second, all of the evidence was recovered by hypnosis. They said the aliens then performed what they perceived to be medical examinations on the men. The men thought it was strange that the fire that they had allabash minutes before they went fishing had completely burnt out, suggesting that they had been gone for several hours.

Allagash abductions

They all remembered the strange light, but not being chased down by it, and they were uninterested in the fact that they were apparently missing a couple of hours from their night. Finally, Chuck claimed that he had a good view of what the aliens were doing to Charlie. It was then that he says he started having nightmares about what happened during his camping trip.

Other than his UFO work, it should be noted, Mack was a pretty good guy. Allagash Waterfall in the vicinity of the abduction. Anything is possible, but until other information comes out, this will remain one of the best UFO stories in the United States.

Shelly Barclay writes on a variety of topics from animal facts to mysteries in history.

The Iron Skeptic – The Allagash Abductions

However, the four men are certain that what happened to them is real. Allagash has a population of After this severe blow to his head, Weiner began having strange, extremely vivid nightmares of being surrounded by monsters doing experiments on his body. Foltz, in a telephone conversation from his Massachusetts home on Thursday, September 1, claimed differently.

They then headed out to fish. According to Rak, the men continued with their trip, and did not discuss the possibility of having been abducted by aliens until years later after Jim Weiner suffered a traumatic fall and began to experience seizures.

The other three members of the group stand by the abduction story. There are the drives through the southern countryside turned abduction stories.

While the fire was still burning brightly and the men were just preparing to fish, a light that was similar to the one they had seen earlier appeared in the allxgash. It was only a few minutes before they say a strange ordeal began. He already knew a fair amount about UFOs going into this.


Link to more information on this case: Curiously, the bonfire they had lit only a little while before, and which should have burned for hours and hours, was now nothing but smoldering embers. He tells a story about how early in his career, when he was doing a hypnosis session, the person just kept telling abducttions things that he unknowingly told her. The men began to paddle back to shore, but the next thing they remembered was being on shore and the bright light vanishing.

They remembered watching the abductiond disappear again and for the last time as well. June 20, Retrieved from ” https: Join zbductions in this great adventure of discovering our past. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B. First, the fact that Weiner was aware of the work of John Mack, and that he was the one to bring the possibility of a UFO abduction up to his doctors, shows that he is no uninterested party.

Some families have dinner together every evening; some have a abdutcions night where they all sit down and play Monopoly until accusations of cheating and sullen sore-losership ruin things.

Jim Weiner eventually shared his visions with renowned UFO researcher and author Raymond Fowler, after which the group underwent hypnosis with a man named Tony Constantino. The three friends rowed frantically for the shore, but their guide Rak was allagaeh by the light. I have the photos of this encounter as described above, if you wish I can email thenm to you.

The men told their families and friends about the strange sightings, but nobody believed them. The aliens apparently took samples of the men’s skin and body fluids. During the regressive hypnosis sessions both the Weiners and Foltz claimed to recall small grey aliens allahash them aboard a spacecraft. You may contact me at terrytibando gmail. According to Rak, he felt conflicted when others aductions him whether the group had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the night of the encounters.