SPECIAL RULES: Iron Hard Skin: Angron’s flesh has become unnaturally resilient to damage. He has a 2+ armor save in addition to his Invulnerable. Save. Angron – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. emperor-of Uploaded by. Jorge Barios. This entry is originally from a Apocalypse Datasheet published in for a primach (albeit a demon one), Angron will be the basis of all future.

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I have seen the Leman Russ model, it’s from I believe.

Naturally, he didn’t tell Angron any of this, because he couldn’t give less of a shit Aaron Dembski-Bowden wanted to make the Emperor look like an ass again. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, datsaheet, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: My centre is dtaasheet.

Choke on deez nuts, Papa Smurf. Initially, this was a campaign with mixed success: Ironically enough Angron had a solid point with the former argument, but the very suggestion of turning against Emps basically made Russ lose what remained of his cool on the spot with the result one would expect.

That doesn’t sound quite right, is there a reference for that? Even without taking into account Disabling Strike, Horus wins though barely as his superior wounds and saves makes him overcome the damage output of Angron.

The Emperor, in his infinite wisdom, told Angron none of this whatsoever. Angron wins pretty easily. I guess this signals a host of ideas for minis. Just google Angron datasheet and its the top of the list in pdf.


Angron datasheet

Angron just generally being a boss and looking absolutely goddamn awesome while doing so. But in all seriousness, both of them had a point. What we’re trying to say is, Angron just might be the angriest and the most talented in manly face-to-face fighting son of a bitch in the galaxy. Angron’s failure to learn and control his murderous rage would be amply demonstrated and only become worse with time. Last edited by Mawa; at A tough fight, but more on his style and it could make him win in extremis.

With the looming release of 8th Edition, there’s a very good chance that Daemon Angron could be getting an anhron model and updated stats before long, especially with the news that Armageddon is gonna be playing host to a massive horde of Khornate Daemons called the Blood Crusade.

Craftworld Eleuven LoneLictor on thread about an ork choking the Emperor: If you are already a member then feel free to login now.

Hope several baneblades wear him down before he gets into range? E and chop “the slaving bastard’s” head off.

I bide my time, My sweet revenge, Soon my ties will fall, And finally I will be free! Hearing the howled insults of his own Loyalist World Eaters, Angron flew into a rage and ordered his legion to deploy onto the planet. He stayed behind to hunt down the surviving Raven Guard who’d escaped with their Primarch, and would have massacred them if not for their reserves rocking up from Deliverance. A Legion of Dreadknights? You mean one and the rest of the normal chaos hordes? The Word Bearers were nearly driven to despair by the World Eaters’ degradation, and Lorgar began to worry that Angron couldn’t see how he was degenerating – and there was only one way that could end.


Originally Posted by salty. This message was edited 2 times. Angron is hitting on 5s, so hits 2 times, wounds 1. He had stats from an old issue of White Dwarf that makes him a point walking rapemachine who makes Abaddon the Despoiler and Mephiston look like total pussies, but you have to get him a bodyguard of at least bloodthirsterswhich effectively racks up his point cost to over at the least.

Of course, after this the relationship between the two primarchs became pretty remarkable, and Lorgar ended up repaying the favor by arranging for Angron’s ascension to daemonhood during their fight with Guilliman. He is armed with a really huge fucking chainaxe that’s taller than him with chainswords for the chainteeth of the chainaxe. Angron VS Lorgar Lorgar hits 2. Merely existences, obstacles to overcome.

Angron datasheet | bhsman | Flickr

A really close fight: He’s got good reason to be ever-so-slightly miffed: His name is Angron A. Between his fragility, low mobility, and lack of army bonuses, he’s a tricky Primarch to use.

He anggon so many relic points in an army that consumes them like candy that, if you can spare the points and time to conjure him, chances are you’re already winning so badly you don’t actually need him.

A few Daemon primarchs were available back in the epic days.