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Y movement is counts since last report. Maximum Pixel value in current frame.

The sensor automatically changes to the appropriate mode, depending on the time since the last reported motion Downshift Time. During power-up there will be a period of time after the power supply is high but before any clocks are available. The shutter value is automatically adjusted. Write operations to RM1 and RM0 forces the sensor into rest mode.

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Each mode has a different motion detection period, affecting response time to mouse motion Response Time. An external microcontroller reads the Dx and Dy information x320 the sensor serial port. The fixture should be designed to expose the sensor leads to solder while shielding the optical aperture from direct solder contact.


This is true for all transactions. It is always generated by the master the micro-controller.

Consignment and warehousing available. Any register settings must then be reloaded. Squal White paper 90 Squal value 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 Count 3a20 The data are latched into the output buffer after the last address bit is received. Write Operation Write operation, defined as data going from the microcontroller to the ADNS, is always initiated by the micro-controller and consists of two bytes.

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This register contains the IC revision. It is subject to change when new IC versions are released.

Zvago serial port is not available for use until it is reset with NCS, even for a second burst transmission. For product information and a complete list of distributors, go to our website: The table below shows the state of the various pins during power-up and reset.

This register is the accumulated pixel value from the last image taken. Block diagram of ADNS optical mouse sensor.

Install mouse top case. Absolute value is determined by resolution.



After sending the register address, the micro-controller must wait tSRAD and then begin reading data. They should be read consecutively.

Electrical Socket Relay Sockets Semiconductor: Schematic diagram for interface between ADNS and microcontroller cordless application. The 1-Source Electronics group of companies provides a full suite of services to the electronics manufacturing industry.

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The port is not available for further use until burst-mode is terminated. SQUAL is typically maximized when the navigation a20 is at the optimum distance from the imaging lens the nominal Zheight.

Avago Technologies US, Inc. ADBS-A320

The parameters of each mode are shown in the following table. There is long wakeup time from power down. NCS can also be used to reset the serial port in case of an error. There MUST be a feature in the top case to press down onto the PCB assembly to ensure all components are interlocked to the correct vertical height.

This register contains the inverse of the revision ID which is located at register 0x