16 jun. Linguagem corporal. Inclui todas as formas de comunicação que não envolvam as palavras expressas (SANTAELLA, ). Ela envolve todos. // .com/forum/livro-desvendando-segredos-linguagem-corporal-thtml. A Linguagem Corporal No Trabalh – Allan Pease Pdf Download ZIP. Page 1. Page 1 · View · Download. Page 2. Page 2 · View · Download. Page 3. Page 3.

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But see the chapter on Kissing in the book Magic Bullets for some big pitfalls about kissing too soon or how it can dissipate sexual tension and kill your chances of advancing into Sexual Touch. You can and should initiate social touch as early as possible in an interaction, usually within 30 seconds. Because the Logistical Progression Model has two separate variables Social and Locationit is a little bit more flexible than the stricter step-by-step Emotional and Physical systems.

Those are your basic plays, but there are also a bunch of intermediate steps available to desvendado, depending on the situation. But here are a few important ones to get you started:.

Linguagem Corporal PDF by Leonardo Souza on Prezi

Most of the time, these issues are emotional, lovro physical, and are dealt with in the chapter on Seduction in Magic Bullets. Physibirthday party she is supposed to be going to.

With Social Touch, you should touch everyone in a group who is close to you and treat everyone equally. For example, the very act of moving up the first two steps on the Physical Progression Model will help you emotionally.


Rather, you are copying the intuitive touching that many charismatic men do naturally. But what does this actually mean?

Or you can take her home first and then her friends leave or get distracted for long enough. Some Social Touch opportunities will almost always be there.

Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal

Or you can do both at once — e. You probably have much more linguwgem than you think. Friendly Touch implies that you and the person you are touching are more than strangers. Hence, the importance of being able to quickly assess and manage logistics. This is important for establishing momentum to move forward into the next phase of the Physical Progression Model: Other opportunities need to be created.

In fact, as we will see, it was counter-productive to advance so far Emotionally and Physically when your Logistics wegredos so unfavorable. I must have replayed it four times – there was so much going on. Then he said a couple of words, laughed, and tapped him on the shoulder, all within a couple of seconds, and all completely natural looking, completely appropriate, and completely effective.

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Often, things that qualify as Friendly Touch could also be Romantic Touch, depending on the context and duration. This actually applies to non-romantic livdo as well. For example, you might meet a woman at a restaurant, and then suggest grabbing a drink — at a place that is conveniently near where you live, building momentum for the big move to your place later on. You, my friend, are not going home with her tonight.


Daytime Dating Giovanni row Enviado por: She can be enjoying the feeling of Romantic Touch, enjoying the flirting, enjoying the sexual tension, and have absolutely no intention of proceeding further. Your friends should be on your side and know what to do. This only applies to her people. Study after study has shown that women are more apt to be sexually and romantically interested in men when there is appropriate touching as a subtext to their conversation.

Ideally these should trend geographically toward home. Have you ever gotten a woman all hot and bothered, taken her home, and been near the lag behind the physical and logistical — probably in this case it was an issue with Qualification. In other words, you can do the two major steps in any order.

Hi, I’m

The three models are not isolated and separate. Sometimes you have to try to deliberately cor;oral the mark to find out where the limits really are. You can get her alone first, and then take her home. When I try the same arm-around-her move a few minutes into the conversation, people will notice.