ME DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS BIFILAR SUSPENSION INTRODUCTION The Bifilar Suspension is a technique that could . Oscillation of a bifilar suspension Apparatus: Two retort stands/clamps/ bosses, two metre rulers, stop watch, two lengths of cotton thread. two threads. Bifilar suspension. If a rod of moment of inertia I and mass m is hung from two threads of length L and separated by a distance d (Figure 1) and is oscillated in a .

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From equation 10 above.

Bifilar Suspension

Mass of the bar m. The radius of gyration and moment of inertia reduced after the length of wire was increased from test 1 to test 2 but increased right after till test 4. For a solid object with a rectangular cross-section, the same general approach gave rise to determination of the moment of inertia about its centre of mass G and this is expressed as.

These readings encompasses the distance between the wires used for the suspension, the length of the wires, the time for the required number of oscillations, the distance between the masses introduced into the experiment, and so on.

The apparatus used for this experiment consists of a uniform rectangular drop bar suspended by fine wires assumed to have negligible weight contribution to the suxpension. The internal diameters of the holes, the thickness of the rectangular were also measured. The experiment is done such that the oscillation was not dampened by carefully tilting the bar before release for oscillations. Set up the above apparatus with two lengths of thread suspfnsion equal lengths approx.

The Bifilar Suspension

Repeat to obtain another 10T measurement and then calculate the average of your two measurements. Below is a tabular representation of the final value of the moment of inertia determined from the suspensipn approach, the graphical approach and a selected value of the moment of inertia from test 2 in table 2.


Additional table 4 extrapolated from table 2. What is the basic assumption that is based on assuming a small angle of oscillation? The equation of the angular motion is: Whereby individual moments of inertia from individual differential mass value and distance X between the axis point and the object are summed up and its summations gives rise to the final moment of inertia of that body.

Chucks are also in place to alter length of suspended wires. Do not tie the threads too tightly as you will need to vary the distance D during the experiment. Newer Post Older Post Home. In this case the body under investigation is bolted to the center of the suspended bar and the periodic time of the combined bar and body measured.

A uniform rectangular section bar is suspended from the pendulum support frame by two fine parallel cords as in Figure. The bifilar suspension technique offers the opportunity to determine the radius of gyration of a body by relating the readings gotten from the procedure in the techniques and relating that into the equation of angular and this suspensio provides the determination of the moment of inertia for the same body.

With the bar suspended by the wires, the length L was adjusted to a convenient extent and then distance, bbetween the wires was measured. Measure the gradient, m and calculate the y-axis intercept, c of your graph.

This rectangular bar contains holes equidistant from each other and two extra with equal masses of 1. A diagram on the arrangement of the apparatus used is illustrated below: Precautionary methods were in place to keep the masses at a very comfortable position so as syspension avoid slip or fall which could in-turn cause harm to our feet.

  ISO 11452-3 PDF

Why is it important not to let the total time measurement see stage 4 fall below about 10 seconds? Measurement taken from the rule and the weight balance was done such that the line of sight and the markings of the measuring equipments were in alignment in to reduce errors due to parallax. Calculate the time for one oscillation T.

This is called the auxiliary mass method but for this experiment, our analysis would be on just the generic bifilar suspension approach. The suspension may also be used to determine the radius of gyration of any body.

Equation 4 aforementioned above can be modified to: Therefore, Moment of inertia of the bar, I is. In addition, the moment of inertia can be further determined by graphical representation from data collated in the experiment.

Where Mo is the mass of the hole bored, Ro is the radius of each hole bored and X suspensuon the distance from each hole on either side to the centre of the rectangular bar. A primary focus of Strength of Bifialr are materials classified as. Distance between the wires, b.

The length of the wire L biffilar then fixed at a value and the time taken was recorded for 20 oscillations at varying distances xbetween the two 1.

Posted by JohnWell Academy at Classifying Governments Who can participate? Outline an experiment to investigate the effect, if any, of changing the vertical distance between the rulers. Nonetheless, a description of its angular motion is enumerated below. Thickness of the bar.