Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development. by Bill Hinbern. “Join the Ranks. Bill Hinbern has been an author, publisher and mail order distributor of The World’s Largest Selection of Strength Training Publications Available for over 45 . Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development [Bill Hinbern] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The best way to fall correctly.

Classic Grip Courses The weakest link, not only in physical training, but in your everyday activities, is the strength of your hands and forearms. Simply written, loaded with illustrations, to teach you progressive resistance training. The best ways to fall safely and correctly info which you will NEED to know. Hermann Goerner was a giant of a man, weighing as much as lb. Pack on muscle with this basic, no nonsense training. Soon summer had passed and fall meant Bill Hinbern would be back in school and able to play football alongside his friends.

How to Build Super Strength, Health and Power

Hand-Balancing Requires No Equipment Ever been in need of a good workout but do not have access to special equipment. Learn more at Author Central. bbill

Diagnostic Bodybuilding by Michael Brown Ever train and not gain? Many of their feats of hand-to-hand would be two and three tiers high with gals like Pudgy Stockton on top. The author’s no nonsense approach to productive, progressive, weight training exercise, has placed him at or near the top of the list for all time most popular authors.

You can practice at a moments notice, whether you have five minutes or an hour. Over 50 hard-hitting, step by step training programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees including all-bodyweight programs and programs that combine bodyweight training and weight training.


This course explains in depth all the popular controls. The most difficult part of the Backward Roll up into The Handstand and how to conquer hinber easily. Topics include weight training, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, strength, grip training, old time strongmen, wrestling, diet and nutrition, etc.

The Strength of Samson by Michael Brown The author interpreted a number of health related Biblical passages and discovered Samson had a diet regimen, backed by scientific reasons–a hinber which, when viewed by what we know today–may enable you to surpass the strength of ancient times. I thought I had a fairly significant repertoire. Break coins, horse-shoes and chains; tear phone-books, cards and tennis-balls; bend spikes; one-arm and one-finger chinning; etc! America type physique; discusses various weight-training systems; muscle cramping, muscle spinning, concentration, rest-pause, set and series routines, etc.

Paschall The first of a series of books and courses by the most popular writer in Bob Hoffman’s, Strength and Health magazine. How to walk up and down stairs on your hands. Click the order button below and open a whole new world of strength and development.

You can practice alone.

Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Books | Super Strength Training

It is a must-read for athletes who want to integrate an optimum lifting program with their seasonal sport without being overworked. I will start doing the preparation strength work for some time…Thank you in advance for your help and for putting out such a wonderful training book on the market!

It builds functional strength, stamina, and grip strength that helps in everyday life. Many were as adept at performing bodyweight feats as they were at lifting any barbell. Everybody is remarking how well and fit I look, so I must yinbern doing something right and I am just scratching the surface. I have to say, a great product. He felt it was the best chance the boy had to regain his strength since his bout with rheumatic fever nearly killed him.


The hand-balancer employs the hand and wrist much more than does the lifter of weights and what is more interesting, he employs the arm muscles as well as the grip in many unusual ways — ways not possible to the exercise fans who handle weights only. Four different stretching exercises for maintaining strong, flexible shoulders. Sure barbells and dumbbells were a part of their training, but they were also masters of boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, and several other components of oldtime physical culture.

He describes how he did it with mental concentration. Learn more about Amazon Prime. John Grimek Weightlifting Courses Inthe author laid out three courses that focused on heavy blll barbell movements using only barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. Learn how to do the: It was well presented and easy to follow.

The Henry Higgins Strength and Muscle Course I stumbled across this old weightlifting course, published inby a Boston gym owner, who learned hknbern training methods from Sandow, Cyr, Cyclops, Samson, Kennedy, etc.

About Bill Hinbern…

Where to properly position your gym mats when you practice. Develop Power, Flexibility and Athleticism. Again, thank you for the book.

Lose weight without going on insane diets! Bill is not only a true Iron Game historian, he is a great guy as well.

Twenty Advanced Hand balancing moves guaranteed to impress anyone Lots of good information. Sex, Money and Power by Michael Brown The author’s latest contribution to those who want to solve life’s mental, spiritual, economical, and physical problems.