Eberron Campaign Setting (3e) – Find Action Around Every Corner of the World Grab your pack and leap into an action-packed, intrigue-laced. Eberron Campaign Setting is a hardcover accessory for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. D&d eberron campaign setting. 1. 1 3/25/ 04, PM; 2. 2 3/25/

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TrevWar rated it it was amazing Oct 05, By that, I mean that it provides a lot of inherent support for non-traditional adventures. What I liked most about it was that it provides a framework on which a player or DM can hang just about any type of campaign.

And I must say, there is a lot of information in that book. I don’t see going back at this point.

Eberron Campaign Setting by Keith Baker

Aug 02, Caleb Wachter rated it it was amazing. Designed to introduce a new, fresh world with unlimited possibilities for exploration, the Eberron Campaign Setting includes everything needed to develop characters and run campaigns in this exciting new arena.

Eberron was the winning entry out of a contest run by Wizards of the Coast. At the same time, there is the feeling of unrest and barely suppressed violence and darkness. settting

Political manipulation, espionage, and violence are the norm, and world, while striving to maintain the shine of the past, has become gritty and tarnished. But hell, that never stopped me before.

It took me a while settingg learn ebetron to Dungeon Master on my own, without using “canned” adventures and modules, and this, the Eberron Campaign Setting by Keith Baker and co-written with veterans Bill Slavicsek and James Wyattis the setting that taught me how to do so. Sep 13, Daniel A. Sep 30, Andy Stehr rated it really liked it. During the spring and summer ofWizards of the Coast, Inc.


Eric rated it it was amazing Jun 11, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If you have any questions, let me know! Andrew19 rated it liked it Jan 13, This is what a new direction should look like. To ask other readers questions about Eberron Campaign Settingplease sign up. A new class that exists to offer the flavour of a world with a higher level of technology advances.

Even if you aren’t running 3. Return to Book Page. I really did like the Warforged race.

What about pulp fantasy? It contains substantial information on new elements of magic, including spells, domains, items, artifacts, settkng more. You can have player characters playing constructs and shapechangers; psionics are built into the history of the world. For me, Eberron is the perfect Caampaign Hero Fantasy setting. Feb 16, Francisco Becerra rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Shifter, Changeling, and Kalashtar races are also interesting, and add to the tapestry of the world, but it is the Warforged that is the star of the show.

Classes in Eberron Campaign Setting – D&D Tools

It’s even evident where eberrom edition got some of its aspects—character races such as shifters and mechanics such as action points originated in this volume, albeit in somewhat different form though less so for shifters, for example. If you are looking for an awesome campaign setting, look no further than this one. It was pretty clear to me that there was a lot of potentially unexplored material for them, and unlike the glyph system, I thought that leaving them more or less ‘unspoiled’ was a masterstroke.


Magnet began a slow implosion inand along with a number of other people I went to work for a Colorado company called VR1.

Like with revolutionary Europe, this is a time when dictators can rise to power, or democracies can flourish, or any number of things. Open Preview See a Problem? Goodreads helps you keep track of books dd& want to read.

Eberron Campaign Setting

They allow me as eberorn DM to have characters that see them as objects and characters that see themselves as objects and characters who are angry and resentful of the whole thing. But I’ve kept all the Eberron books for reference.

Also included are historical and cultural details of the world, along with extensive illustrations and a wealth of maps that put the setting into vivid context. Tee Quillin rated it it was amazing Nov 16, serting An interesting setting incorporating adventuresque elements from later ages.