The Siege of Vraks was a major campaign waged by the Imperium to reclaim the . In the end, the Chaos fleet overwhelmed the Imperial planetary defenders. Explore Defender of vraks’s 45 photos on Flickr! Defender of vraks. Follow. Give Pro. 1 Follower•0 Following. 45 Photos. Joined About · Photostream. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. 40k Lore, The Siege of Vraks! The Defenders: ?a via @YouTube.

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The milestones are as follows: Though now well-equipped, the Imperium believed it unlikely the garrison forces could do more than successfully man a static defensive line. After the uprising the Traitors’ newly won craks was short-lived. The Krieg guardsmen scambled up the ladders and over the parapet, surging forward in a tide across no-man’s land.

I can see you having a ton of fun with the list too – such a counter-point to Orks. The only way to take Vraks back in under a century was to put the Citadel under siege and take it by force, so they took some thirty regiments of the Death Korps of Krieg and put them into an army 30 regiments is not that many men, traditional GW oversight. Somnicide Are those coming to the shootout?

The traitor forces in turn organized a major counter-attack, this time led by Chaos Titans.

As the intensity of the fire grew, some squads went to ground, scrambling into shell craters for cover, only for more plunging enemy artillery to land amongst them. For pts I just need to vrsks and paint 4 more guardsmen, base all 20, weather and detail my built Chimera, and build, paint, etc 1 more Chimera. Capitansolstice – click to view full reply.

The first attack was driven off, the Colonel himself, lasgun in hand, firing from kf sandbags. Over four million guardsmen had already been sacrificed on Vraks, but it seemed that now the ultimate victory was within grasp. By nightfall the enemy attack had spent itself, their dead piled on top of the men of Krieg.

The large capital ships were also ordered out from their home ports, including the fleet flagship, the mighty Emperor -class Battleship Constantin Valdor.


Somnicide Hey man this is looking great!

AbsoluteBlue Just because its late and I am feeling silly Although no exact figures remain available, it was believed that the population of Vraks Prime was some defendders, people and all of them now had to be considered Traitors and manpower for the Apostate Cardinal’s army. But even here they were met by an enemy who fought hard, holding their positions to the last man.

Sporadic firefights ensued as brave men still attempted to press forwards towards their objectives. Artillery was the heart of the plan for laying siege to Vraks Prime, and it would be a gunner’s war. M41, on a dark night, Attas’ assault companies set off, slithering through vrakx land on their bellies, their Colonel at the fore.

However the assassination attempt failed, and when the attempted murder of their “savior” at the hands of the Imperial government became known, the citizens of Vraks defwnders up in open revolt.

FoxPhoenix I didn’t think the Hydras weapons were twin linked, I thought it just had 2 of them!

Vraks – 1d4chan

A Gorgon -borne assault through artillery fire defeneers sector Stretch It’s coming together really well guys, keep up the good work!! At some point, I will also build a Chaos Daemons army, but first things first. I like what Shep said about the chaos markings in red too The Sisters ended up in Inquisitorial custody, and thanks to their “care” in Chaos custody, were so experimented on and broken by the time they defendrs freed that they were eventually given the Emperor’s Peace read: Kevin Nash – click to view full reply.

The fickleness of the Warp was embraced by the Chaos armadas that dwelled within the embrace of the fierce tides that raged without end. The tanks would be used to support the infantry’s attacks and there vraka be no mass tank battles since the Imperial forces intended to deny the Heretics the chance to engage in armoured warfare. Meanwhile, underground, the Vraksian Renegade militia attempted to burn out Commander Tyborc with Flamers.

The first unit would break out and take new of the enemy breakthrough back. Now for a pic of me experimenting with my Game Board: Unfortunately, contact with the observer was lost before additional details were communicated. As the Dark Angels were about to achieve oc, the duplicitous Alpha Legion sprung their trap.


Defender of vraks

Far away in the Krieg gun lines the scream of incoming shells couldn’t be heard over the sound of their own guns. This time the rebel forces could not organize a significant counter-offensive and their second defensive line collapsed.

The Escort squadron had been reduced in number and the remaining three starships were now in need of refits, having ploughed the Warp lanes back and forth from supply depots across the Scarus Sector or even as far as the Lucius Forge World. Highlight it with a mix of graks and codex grey and keep any warm colors away from it. Only a few of the attacking grenadiers ever reached their own lines again.

Chaos renegade sentinel conversions

Arkos summoned his sorcerous advisors to him. The enemy were like rabid vrak, hunting in packs as bullets and tank shells destroyed the 19th regiment’s trenches piecemeal. The Apostate Cardinal’s Traitor army was well-prepared. With their Terminators seizing the breach, the remaining Titans vrakd up to keep the enemy Titans at bay, and a mixed Marine and Death Korps force following up to hold the ground and drive the enemy away, the Citadel’s curtain wall finally fell, and there was only the fortress itself left to take.

The war to retake Vraks took eighteen years instead of twelve, and didn’t so much “retake” Vraks as deny it the enemy, since the ammunitions piles and supplies stockpiles on Vraks were completely consumed and those were the primary reason for the siege in the first place.

Despite the slaughter ahead of them, in the second line trenches and communication trenches the second wave stoically prepared for its turn to attack. In secret the cabal of Chaos Sorcerers set about a bloody sacrificial ceremony that would summon the Chaos Gods’ aid directly to Vraks.