○The EGX is an intelligent Ethernet gateway that provides fast, PowerLogic EGX benefits g. ○Easy to install — Power . Instructions. EGX Retain for future use. TABLE OF CONTENTS. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . . ENGLISH. Installation Guide POWERLOGIC® Ethernet Gateway. EGX; Brand Schneider Electric · Schneider Electric. Main Product. Technical Reference. PowerLogic EGX Data Sheet. Legislation and Specifications.

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Read Device Registers – Powerlogic EGX User Manual [Page 17]

RS 2-wire Transmission Mode Used to select how data is transmitted over a serial connection. Las pasarelas EGX son capaces de detectar Valor predeterminado: Outbound Read Messages2 A counter that increments each time a read request message is sent.

Please log in and try again. The default number of devices is eight.

PowerLogic™ Ethernet Gateway EGX100 User Guide

User names and passwords are case sensitive. Over the past few years the use of Ethernet communications has spread into every corner of the business.

Haga clic en Aplicar. Los valores recuperados dependen del dispositivo conectado a la EGX. The is powered by 5 Vdc provided on Pin 1 of the serial communications.


Opens the User Accounts page. Selects the system access point settings. Cycle power or press the reset button on the EGX. Type your user name Administrator is the default and password Gateway is the default into the text boxes, then click OK. Enters the user name and password, then opens the EGX home page. Electrical Network Management System Optimisation of the electrical network Measure to understand Understand to control Control to optimise Cost of power and fluids Power quality Power availability 2 Improvement.

If you enter an IP address that is used by another device, you will be prompted to select a new IP address. Opens the EGX Firmware instructions page. Inbound Read Messages2 A counter that increments each time a read request message is received.

Communication of EM with Vijeo Citect using EGX Gateway

Please read those terms and conditions carefully. Beware of potential hazards, wear personal protective equipment, and carefully inspect the work area for tools and objects that may have been left inside the equipment.

Tools shown in this example: Select the number of viewable devices 1 tothen click Apply. Si selecciona el modo Esclavo, introduzca las Introduce las direcciones IP de los dispositivos remotos.


Administrator Administrateur mot de passe: Klicken Sie auf Lesen. From the Diagnostics page, click Read Device Registers. To allow Guest access to the web page, select Read- Allows the default Guest group to access the web page. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the devices are entered. Baud Manula Used to select the data transmission speed over a serial connection. Table of contents More information.

Mensajes entrantes de escritura2 Contador que aumenta cada vez que se recibe un mensaje de solicitud de escritura. Das ist normalerweise die Folge von Verdrahtungsproblemen. Gateway ein und klicken Sie auf OK. Click the Files tab, then the firmware file link eg.

Starten Sie Internet Explorer 6. Ethernet Configuration Before configuring the EGX, obtain a unique static IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway address from your network administrator.

Markieren Sie Filter aktivieren. Eingabe eines neuen Gruppennamens.