magic tricks forum – Switchcraft The Billet Work of Elliott J. Bresler page e- book, $ Available from: Hate to peek? Can’t peek? Want an. Elliott J. Bresler – Switchcraft – Hello friend, Your order is a digital download magic product,send via email. Please leave your email after. Switchcraft by Elliott J. Bresler Review. There is no shortage of praise for or suggestions to buy Swithcraft. That plus all the extras put this on my.

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Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. Congratulations sir, I truly look forward to more. Believe me; if I can do them, you can too. For the record, the Switchcraft file available on my site now includes: Bgesler may review the supplements later, they build as they go, so I’m trying to avoid moving forward in them before I’m sure I’ve got a good understanding of what I’ve already covered. Your book is a must-have resource to be placed together bresldr all the stuff that the great billet handlers, of the present and of the past, created.

Of course, as examples, I also teach a lot of my own strong material.


Please leave your email after payment. Your crisp writing style and wonderful layout brfsler the content and thus make it an absolute pleasure to read, re-read and refer back to again and again.

Elliott J. Bresler – Switchcraft ,no gimmicks,

Looking back at the original document, I can definitely agree with a number of your fair criticisms. Alexander Marsh, Osterlind, Annemann, Scarne, and more are mentioned in this book.

Other Product from Magic Props. ElliottB Inner circle Posts. Millard Longman also makes this point and Elliot’s techniques are of equal value in that respect. I got this recently and have to agree – quite simply one of the best resources a mentalist could have. The bargain of the decade, to be sure.

If you encounter any difficulties or for additional information, feel free to contact me at Elliott. Computer crashes are the worst.

There are excellent photos and very clear and easy to follow instructions. To me that would imply that the switch is superior to other moves.

It is THE definitive work on billets and an absolute must have for anyone interested in billet work. But this Elliott guy I’d always marveled at the wonderful assortment of entertaining billet routines in the literature. Mandrakebananafish, Lady of Mystery, supportnickj. There is no shortage of praise for or suggestions to buy Swithcraft. Elliott went the extra mile with his e-book; Clear, detailed instructions and photos covering everything from easy to saitchcraft moves, theory, and routines.


I really appreciate it. Kaufmans kind assistance, I am back.

The Magic Cafe Forums – SWITCHCRAFT by Elliot Bresler

You can have a true magic experience by our math magic tricks. Elliott, Thanks so much for the replacement, your a class act. There should be about 19 emails from me in that account, each containing a copy of the Switchcraft file. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed.

Peeks, switches, tears, routines, subtleties– e verything you could possibly need to know– is found somewhere within the resource. I cannot believe you continue to send new material every so often. Is it possible to use the technique with more than 3 people?

The Card King: Switchcraft by Elliott J. Bresler Review

You don’t have to follow the methods verbatim and you don’t need to use them all — although it’s all “handy” knowledge. I applaud you for your fine work and deep insights! Randy, I sent your copy out.