The GENCON (General Charter Conditions) charter party is the most common standard voyage charterparty form used worldwide. Gencon first issued in This document is a computer generated GENCON form printed by Charter Party about the date indicated in Box 9, and the party mentioned as the. 5 . Uniform General Charter, or “GENCON”, is the standard form voyage charterparty most commonly used worldwide. GENCON was first issued by BIMCO in

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Next, there are boxes in which to enter the names of the parties and of course, the name of the ship details of its registered tonnages, dead weight, and any other characteristics important to the fixture, for example cubic capacity or perhaps the size of the hatches.

The following have contributed to gejcon turn: Therefore, Charterers are now ultimately responsible for loading, stowing, trimming and discharge of the cargo. Part II has more serious revisions: This happens for a variety of reasons such as the following: Another clause which is extended in Gencon 94 is the lien clause which now includes also the lien on sub-freights to cover the cases the vessel is sub-chartererd.

GENCON Charterparty | Handybulk Shipping

In addition, as the GENCON is designed for non-specialised trades, both parties to the contract may well insist on certain ggencon clauses particular to their requirements to be attached to the standard form. It is a general purpose agreement for the services of a ship in exchange for freight and can be used in a variety of trades.

A shipowner is, therefore, anxious to keep the time spent in loading and discharging to a minimum. As a general rule, all the details which will eventually be inserted in the boxes of Part I of the charter-party genon negotiable, and most will feature at some stage in the genconn and counter-offers which are traded back and forth during the negotiations.


Voyage charters Dry cargoes 34 Liquid cargoes 4 Gases 2.

Ice class equivalent to 1D. Additional boxes which have been inserted in Gencon 94 refer to: Since the Gencon 76 and the Gencon 94 are the most used forms, here, we will focus on these two versions and will discuss the terms that make Charterers and Owners have a strong preference of one form over the other. A ship is only earning income when she is on the move, not when she is lying idle in a chartr.

On the other hand, Charterers would definitely paty payment closest to the delivery of the cargo rather than upon psrty shipment as it is the case in Gencon Gencno cargoes Gas cargoes Liquid cargoes. Get the latest updates first. Self-propelled split hopper barge built in Romania. Some loading or discharging berths, especially those in tidal rivers where small coasters regularly load; do not have enough water alongside at low tide to allow ships to remain afloat.

Dry cargoes Liquid cargoes Gases. It must be remembered that all charter parties emerge from negotiations between Owners and Charterers, usually through one or more brokers, and the resulting agreement may well require amendments to some of the printed clauses. Gencon 94 vs Gencon 76 — Differences in Part I Since the Gencon 94 is a revision of Gencon 76, in order to see their differences one needs to focus on the amendments incorporated with the revision.

Although the most fiercely contested area may be that of the freight level, genocn dates and the time allowed for cargo operations may also be crucial to the fixture, as we will see below.

Finally, the War Risks clause has been updated with the standard Voywar The following have contributed to such turn:. Dry cargo vessels 8 Tankers 3 Gas carriers 1 Ferries 1 Offshore vessels 2. If, however, an owner gives an expected readiness for box 9 and then subsequently takes on some intervening business which makes the ship much later than originally intended, he is guilty of patty. Indemnity for excess liabilities arising under the bills of landing.


Like what you’re reading? Nevertheless, this information should not be taken lightly. The sum negotiated for this is inserted in box 20 and governed by clause 7.

GENCON Charterparty

Search everywhere Search in section Vessels for sale Search in section Types of vessels Search in section Terms Search in section Proformas of contracts. The survey showed that Gencon 94 is, by far, used more regularly than any other form.

Note also from the printed clause that the Owners expect the charterers to be responsible for putting right any stevedore damage noted by the Master during cargo handling operations.

Tanker barges Dry cargo barges Hopper barges Barge with ramp Sea non-selfpropelled barges Deck barges. A crucial point in connection with the freight is the question of which party partty be responsible for the costs and risks of loading and discharging the cargo. General average clause has also been updated to include the place of GA adjustment London unless otherwise agreed and basis the updated York-Antwerp Rules With this change, the clause is less wide and the chances for a strike or lock-out to fall within this generic exclusion are definitely less than in Gencon Because of the imponderables in time for merchant ships there is aprty a span of some days between which the vessel may be presented for parrty.

Agree with terms and conditions.