Web Dynpro for ABAP Tutorials GuiXT is a client-server based software technology that provides user interface customization solutions to SAP applications. SAP GUIXT is a tool provided with SAP that enables firms to tailor SAP transaction. This tutorial teaches about the GUIXT tool only. It is to be noted that these scripts run on individual machines. That means on each user machine, we have to. You will need about 1 hour for the tutorial. You will then be familiar with the essential GuiXT functions and possibilities. SAP standard, without GuiXT.

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Siemens is now able to TECO a project with just one click, instead of 70 mouse clicks. With combining seven SAP transactions into one launch pad, user error became almost non-existent, training costs were drastically reduced, and productivity increased dramatically along with data accuracy.

Built on the Liquid UI Platform that provides ONE unified solution and common user experience across your entire enterprise, learn how the Liquid UI business apps can be vuixt deployed in as little as 1 day to Androids, iOS smartphones and tablets. Streamline critical operations communications among teams using SAP! Speeding up core business processes is critical to the success of your business.

Get what you want. Discover how one of the world’s largest specialty apparel retailer pushed a simplified Web-based HR solution to hundreds of their stores nationwide. Professional Services Overview Training. That means on each user machine, tjtorial have to activate the GUIXT, in order to run these scripts as shown below: Sandip Borkar, Ugixt Inc. As a result, better communication is achieved along with more accurate and complete data.


MMWD focused on adapting easily recorded scripts to reduce errors and simplify work order creation reducing time spent on a transaction from over 2 minutes to just 22 seconds!

For some organizations working in remote locations is par for the course. Enter name and giuxt address below:.

Let’s Start with SAP GuiXT

Enter name and email address below:. We will provide demos specifically around SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Sales and Distribution showing guiixt the cleaner look is simplier to use, yet powerful enough to use across your organization for any role, any module, anywhere, even for high volume transactions on an iOS or Android device for hundreds of users.

So it is absolutely critical that they have a solution that enables them to leverage their SAP processes with or without a network connection. In this one hour webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to consolidate and optimize SAP screens for workers with little to no SAP yutorial computer training.

Debbie Barber, Energen Corporation Description: Efficient Warehouse solves all your shipping, barcoding and printing requirements, easily and inexpensively. After making these necessary settings, let us click on OK button on the popup and let us log off from the system. These pre-built apps are integrated with your mobile email for tutoril, your device’s camera for barcode scanning, as well as provide critical SAP GUI features such as F4 List Options, and F1 Help right on your device.

Harrison will also demonstrate how they manipulated complex data for sales orders and how they brought the “outside in” using GuiXT Viewer to set up a web interface with FedEx to display shipping information. Do they forget critical processes like credit checks or enter incomplete customer information in the master record that result in additional costs to your business?


We will also show you how to connect to your SAP server and share some current customer implementations. We will also demonstrate the new Plant Maintenance application that includes creation tutoria maintenance requests, work order details, and time confirmation including a guided hand-out with details on each gguixt. Starting with the challenges facing their contact centers, Graybar will walk through their approach for developing an intuitive, streamlined, and integrated buying process for their mobile-equipped salesforce.

The long awaited apps are here!

GUIXT Tutorial

The search tktorial is always Scripts4, then Scripts3, then Scripts2, then Scripts1. For this tutorial, let us create a directory named guixt in c drive and place it in Scripts 1 box as shown above. Throughout your organization, Synactive’s GuiXT solutions enable you to better manage your operations-from human resources to plant maintenance to merging GIS and Google maps and every other area that SAP touches.

Users of GuiXT Solutions report greatly improved productivity and accuracy, while at the same time reducing training and support costs.

GuiXT Tutorial – Start

How about arming your sales force with a simpler mobile version tutorizl your reps can respond to requests in real time at the customer location, increasing efficiency, improving data accuracy and availability, while enabling them to spend more time selling instead of dealing with business operations overhead? Join the Mailing List. Whether your network infrastructure costs are high or you have a workforce that covers a large geographic area with spotty or no network availability, the Tjtorial Offline Suite enables a seamless SAP user experience.