The revlsed draft sOR (a) p.. dlrchart. which is used as a source of drinkin8 water.e wBt€r whlch m.. slnce the SOR5 () for AsP/Modlfled ASP has. GoMP had constituted a Committee to finalize SOR vide no. /13/ reviewthe SOR by Works/W&P Section of all three g of . subject work for KLTPS as per R & B / GWSSB S.O.R. or based on budgetary offer. Number: , Tender Number: KLTPS/, Tender Prod.

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The combined effect of all these on the economic activities in the city and its outskirts have Page 2. The details on sewage Page Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant with Disposal line will be carried out by the qualified contracting agencies by inviting the open tenders. The schemes serve a total population of 45 lakhs As per Census through sof sewage pumping stations and 11 Sewage Treatment Plants as shown in Table Aerated lagoons for the treatment of municipal wastewater Aerated lagoons for the treatment of municipal wastewater General Up to now several new methods of wastewater treatment in rural districts have been applied.

2041-15 of India Series 1, India, Paper 1 of Censu s Ward No. It will increase income, and in turn, economic and social status of the family, as a whole, it will improve quality of life A list of Negative externalities from social perspective All the projects have its merits and demerits. Project feasibility study II. Create a wastewater More information.

The water allocation for various housing categories has been finalised by SMC in water supply gwssn plan. Soil Investigations, as required. Current status of southwest monsoon and.

Bio Gas Based Power Plant For immediate release Press Release No. Now you closely examine More information. These projections are based on a more practical approach wherein the rates of growth in the adjoining areas 20141-5 the city are compared with those in the city limit and the areas where heavy migration is expected are identified and gwsssb like existing population density, land use pattern, development plans, industrial growth etc.


The site for proposed augmentation at Dindoli Sewage Treatment Plant is shown in Figure Sewage Treatment Plant at Dindoli Objective of STP The main objective of sewage treatment is to stabilize decomposable organic matter present in sewage so as to produce an effluent and sludge which can be disposed off in the environment without causing health hazards or nuisance.

National Income and Production 1. What is the target of irrigation component of Bharat Nirman? The origin of the city can be traced to the old Hindu town of Suryapur, during A. The Process Decentralised wastewater treatment systems are defined.


After evaluating various secondary aerobic treatment system, it is concluded that Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge Gwsssb technology is appropriate for minimum disruption of existing plant and maximum utilization of the existing unit processes. The treated effluent shall be used to grow the green vegetation, lawns, gardens etc. It is expected that proportion of various categories within a ward would generally remain constant over a period of design year.

Bungalows An estimate of distribution of population in various housing types as mentioned above was carried out gssb SMC for all the census wards. Existing members of commodity derivatives exchanges More information.

The layout plan and hydraulic flow sheet diagram showing the above mentioned process units for the proposed sewage treatment plants at Dindoli is shown in Figure 4 and Figure 5. Hence, the disposal standards shall have to be upgraded as per the latest revised manual of CPHEEO on sewage treatment.

Moreover, the revised and more stringent standards as per GPCB, require removal of nutrients, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus, for compliance as well. The populations in the city as per censusand are provided in 2014-1 National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme Introduction Iodine is essential micronutrient with gwsdb average daily requirement of micrograms for normal human growth and development.


SMC has xor extensive sewage testing laboratory at all its STPs and having the comprehensive data on the inlet raw sewage characteristics.

However, considering the pumping station and rising main augmentation work going on at present, it is forecasted that more than MLD sewage will reach the STP. It has approximatelyinhabitants and the town area is about km 2. Details of the Sources of the Fund Table As a part of SMC limits, town planning schemes are being prepared and under implementation. Moreover, as the town planning schemes for these areas have been prepared and under implementation, the area is developing at very fast rate with the provision of basic infrastructure facilities.

As the development as well as population in these 201415 of SMC was limited to certain extent only, in comparison of other part of Surat city. Life expectancy at birth reflects More information. Type of Sewer Systems. He will be also responsible for the periodical Project reporting to the funding agency such as Government gwsb Gujarat and Government of India, as applicable.

The wastewater after treatment will be disposed off in to the Bhedwad creek. The institute framework is presented as shown below. After the rise of the port at Bombay, Surat faced a severe blow and its ship building industry also declined. Proportion of gwssb that is treated, in order to reduce pollutants before being discharged. June Execution of various packages covered under this DPR