If there is a fine line between crime news and the gossip press, Juana Barraza Samperio just recently crossed it. The notorious year-old. It will analyze the representations of Juana Barraza, as La Dama del la policía capturo a una mujer, Juana Barraza Samperio, conocida en el la lucha libre. Finally, in , police caught a female [lucha libre] wrestler red-handed: Juana Barraza Samperio, as she fled the scene where an year-old.

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The search for Barraza was complicated by conflicting evidence. Mexican producer Pedro Torres brought the story to television on an episode of the Mexican television series Mujeres Asesinas 3 that was produced by Televisa.

Found guilty on 16 charges of murder and aggravated burglary, including 11 separate counts of murder.

48 murders later, the “Little Old Lady Killer” files for divorce

Her husband is a year-old fellow convict who is also serving a murder sentence at the same prison. Investigating officers suspected juanna the killer posed as a government official, offering victims the chance to sign up for welfare programs. Juana Barraza born 27 December asmperio is a Mexican former professional wrestler and serial nuana dubbed La Mataviejitas Sp.

Erlantz Gamboa Caminos cruzados. That said, there could, in fact, be another Mataviejitas still out there responsible for half the crimes people think Barraza committed and needing the same punishment. After years of simmering resentment about the way her mother treated her, followed perhaps by some dissatisfaction about the failure of her wrestling career, the death of Juana Barraza’s son was the final trigger to her descent into a murderous rage.


Juana Barraza Samperio “La Mataviejitas”

The Lady of Silence. Cloud since November of and was last updated 2 months ago. This woman with shiny hair and a permanent smile on her face was many things before she became a prisoner. Some investigators believe that Barraza killed up to 40 elderly women during her crime spree.

Police reports say she killed 48 women in Mexico City from the late s to January 25, when a neighbor finally saw her as she left the scene of the crime. Born to poverty in Epazoyucan, Mexico inBarazza was disadvantaged from a young age regardless of how her mother acted, never learning to read or write.

A fresh take on sports: She made her living from a business she owned as well as the money she made as a wrestler. Sakperio Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds. Her name resurfaced in when she married an extremely dangerous man who courted her through letters. Death Information Death Date: Tacos from Mondays to Wednesdays is more her thing.


The Luchadoras: Luchadora: Juana Barraza Samperio, Mataviejitas

She laughs now when she thinks about it. Retrieved 23 January Ronald Dominique 23 Victims during 10 Years. Alfaro, 82, had been strangled with a stethoscope. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

Stranglers kill by Strangulation. Mexico City prosecutors said fingerprint evidence linked Barraza to at least 10 murders [13] of the as many as 40 murders attributed to the killer. Instead, she strangled her victim, usually with said stethoscope and then stabbed her.

Two months later, police began checking the fingerprints of bodies in the city’s morgues in the apparent belief that Mataviejitas might have committed suicide.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Of course, that the lone adult influence in her life was an alcoholic prostitute who verbally and physically abused her whenever they were alone was considerably worse than a lack of education.

Mexico City, Mexico Executed: Cloud the Serial Killer Database. Her name resurfaced in when she married another inmate: