LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations and Maintenance on Innovation in Operations (IO); Regional Priority (RP); Glossary. Suppliers’ definitions of these terms vary from supplier to supplier and from the USGBC offers this method only for a few select LEED credits that are often O&M plan: Operations and maintenance plan: a plan that specifies major system . Acronyms and Glossary of Terms.» Acronyms and . LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® ozone). O&M: Operation and Maintenance .

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Does not include structured parking. Because the water is sealed within the system, some closed-loop cooling systems use nonpotable water such as recycled process water harvested from an air handler’s cooling coil condensate. A street or other right-of-way does not constitute previously developed land; it is the status of property on the other side of right-of-way or the street that matters. When used in density calculations, buildable land excludes glossafy rights-of-way and land excluded from development by codified law.

Reuse includes the recovery and reemployment of materials recovered from existing building or construction sites. Under good weather conditions, civil twilight is the best time to distinguish terrestrial objects clearly. They clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language to the current rating system guidance.

For example, purchasing products with less packaging is a source reduction strategy. Calculation of the aged SRI is based on the glosasry tested values of solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Exterior consists of the elements of a building that separate conditioned spaces from the outside i.

If a building foundation is below the water table, a sump pump may be required. Any fraction of the boundary that borders a water body glissary excluded from the calculation. Such support services may include security, maintenance, mail, banking, customs and import management assistance, cafeterias, restaurants, gossary space, conference rooms, hotels, and public or activity center transportation.

Diffused glazing allows only daylighting. Examples include a task light, an open switch, and blinds. Utility meters are often called revenue grade because their measurement directly results in a charge to the customer.


LEED Operations and Maintenance credits, prerequisites and points

For the purposes of PEER, this refers to the consumer served by the grid operator. Examples of impervious surfaces include roofs, paved roads and parking areas, sidewalks, and soils that have been compacted either by design or by use.

Evaporation occurs when liquid water from soil, plant surfaces, or water bodies becomes vapor. Projects must meet Option 1 requirements and implement an alternative transportation program that includes at least one element from the following categories: It may include refrigeration equipment, cooking and food preparation, clothes washing, and other major support appliances.

It is defined as the percentage of an analysis area the area where calculations are performed, typically across an entire space that meets a minimum daylight illuminance level for a specified fraction of the operating hours per year i. Examples include better site design principles e.

BUG ratings supersede the former cutoff ratings.

k&m Environmental Protection Agency website, at www. UPS output does not include efficiency losses from the unit itself but does include losses from downstream electrical distribution components, such glosssary power distribution units, and it may include non-IT ancillary devices installed in IT racks, such as fans.

Examples include batteries, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment, and light bulbs. A remanufactured product can be expected to perform as if it were new.

It does not include any door exclusively designated as an emergency exit, or a garage door not designed as a pedestrian entrance. The wavelength range for radiant energy is roughly 5 to 40 micrometers.

Freight villages may offer logistics services, integrated distribution, warehousing capabilities, showrooms, and support services. Only consider bordering parcels, not intervening rights-of-way. Also known as terminal tractor, yard truck, utility tractor rig, yard goat, or yard hustler.

Clean, bare metals, such as untarnished galvanized steel, have a low emittance and are the most important exceptions to the 0. An equipment area is considered unoccupied only if retrieval of equipment is occasional. Waste light does not increase nighttime safety, utility, or security and needlessly consumes energy. Examples include paper, toner cartridges, binders, batteries, and desk accessories.

The project load includes electric power delivered to metered customers, buildings, or loads within the project boundary, including the electric power required to centrally produce other energy delivered to customers, buildings, or loads within the project boundary such as chiller loads.


Examples include skylights, ventilators, mechanical equipment, partitions, and solar energy panels. The terms reclaimed water, reused water, and recycled water are used interchangeably in the water industry.

The terms below are applicable to LEEDv4: Atypical entrances, emergency exits, atriums, connections between concourses, and interior spaces are not included.

Projects must meet Option 1 requirements and demonstrate an Alternative Transportation Rate.

USGBC Perspective: Understanding Credit Options in LEED v4 O+M – Facilities Management Insights

Wetlands generally include swamps, marshes, bogs, and similar areas, but exclude irrigation ditches unless delineated as part of an adjacent wetland. Excludes air shafts, pipe trenches, chimneys and floor area dedicated to the parking and circulation of motor vehicles.

Also known as single-stream recycling. Bulk generation delivered to the site should be adjusted for transmission and distribution losses to the site. Site assessments typically help determine whether contamination has occurred and the extent and concentration of any release of pollutants. Walls and circulations space within the department are included in the calculation. Units for measuring density may differ according to credit requirements. The site master plan is typically illustrated, with building plans if applicablesite drawings of planned phased development, and narrative descriptions.

LEED v4 for Building Operations and Maintenance – current version | U.S. Green Building Council

The walking distance must be drawn from an entrance that is accessible to all building users. It is expressed in footcandles in the U. For spaces that are not used daily, the gloxsary timeframe should be based on the time a typical occupant spends in the space when it is in use.

Adapted plants do not pose the same problems as invasive species. Power distribution unit PDU output does not include efficiency losses of any transformation that occurs within the PDU, but it can include downstream non-IT ancillary devices installed in IT racks, such as fans.