The Lyonesse Trilogy is a group of three fantasy novels by Jack Vance, set in the European .. but which contains significant elements of fantasy and magic lends itself to use as setting for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Aug 9, The good people at the Design Mechanism have shared this draft of their map of the ‘Elder Isles’ for their forthcoming Lyonesse RPG (based. Apr 13, Sorry if this is a derail of your thread but as someone who has not read Lyonesse: what’s so great about it? In other words, why is it a good rpg.

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King Audrey is distraught to find his army, though still strong, is slowly lyonnesse fat and complacent from mismanagement, and begins trying to re-assert himself as a military power.

Raleel Not actually a Mythras sales bot Apr 13, His hit-and-run strategy finally prompts a tactical mistake by the Ska, who divide their forces into two smaller armies. He is unable to make progress in his investigation of Melancthe, but disrupts a plot to assassinate King Aillas and kidnap Dhrun.

Please help improve it by removing lyoneswe details and making it more concise. Accompanied by Yane and Cargus, Aillas arrives at the last possible minute and confronts Trewan with his murderous deed.

Lyonesse RPG by Design Mechanism | Sorcerer Under Mountain

Aillas plans a series lyonese hit-and-run raids designed to inflict casualties while avoiding a pitched battle he would almost certainly lose. I like that this RPG will be self-contained for rules. Aillas’ policies are based on the Balance of power doctrine, whereby Troicinet seeks to make sure no mainland power would become too strong by supporting the weaker party in any conflict — which is clearly reminiscent of the traditional British policy with regard to Europe. Murgen keeps a simulacrum of Joald tightly bound, and he also devotes much of his time and effort to “guard Joald and soothe his monstrous hulk, and ward rpb whatever might disturb his long wet rest”.


Torqual sets off with Melancthe. Joined Rgp 13, Messages 3, Likes 6, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lyonesse Trilogy – Wikipedia

He says they should be lovers; who better, since they are the rpy person. After her death, the grail is lost again, to be searched for later by King Arthur.

However, they are caught and betrayed by the Queen’s confessor Brother Umphred and Casmir orders Aillas imprisoned without even bothering to learn his name. The following errors occurred with your submission. Torqual has his own plans, to conquer all of the Elder Isles for himself, and Casmir soon grows exasperated with Torqual’s demands for ever increasing amounts of gold.

Lyonesse RPG (Jack Vance)

The proto Arthurian characters are rather a “pre-working” of the later romance and still distinct from that tale. Is his language florid and perhaps even a touch baroque? Mankcam Legendary Member Apr 16, That weakness is also one of the strengths of the system, namely that it is open, customizable and flexible. Fidelius’ wagon at the great fair of Avallon and is desperate for a cure.

Repelled by Carfilhiot, Suldrun refuses. I was reading the first one and was something like 20 pages in and yawning waiting for something to happen. Madouc is then kidnapped by Casmir’s agents but rescued by Aillas and Dhrun.

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This is Me, Jack Vance! Casmir is puzzled as to how Aillas, barely out of his teens, could have a nine-year-old son, and why Aillas’ face seems rather familiar. World of Darkness I have the books but wasn’t able to get into them.

Tamurello also sees it and is captivated, but before he can take it, a snake darts out from the forest and swallows it.

Voros Doomed Investigator Apr 13, Casmir, emboldened lyonease the news of the destruction of Vale Evander, throws the dice on a war against Dahaut. The name “Joald” is mentioned already in the first part as that of a mysterious being inspiring hush and fear.

Shimrod takes Rughalt deep into the woods and extracts Carfilhiot’s name from him.

Aillas learns of the changeling from the old lyonesae and sets out on a quest to find his son, using a “Never-Fail”, a talisman that points him in the right direction, obtained from the fairies at no small price. Ignoring the advice of his more experienced advisors and overeager to prove himself, the wounded Cassander orders his scouts to embark on a pointless search that gives gpg Dahaut army time to regroup and escape.

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